Computer Virus Attack: How Did I Resolve The Issues With My Computer

Of late, my computer had been at the receiving end of a computer virus attack. And I can tell you, it was no fun. I could not save files on the hard disk of my computer. The LAN was disconnecting frequently. Whenever the LAN was working, the remote computers were refusing to save any of my data files also. Plus, I could not read any of the remote data files from my local computer over my LAN.


Quickly enough, I realized that my computer has been attacked by a virus, and I need a technical support service without any further delay. So I started looking up the Internet for finding out a good online virus removal company.

I chose the online route because I would not want to wait any more than I needed to. It was already late in the evening, and I know that my local shop would have been closed by then. Also, I would not have to wait for them to “kindly” pay me a visit, and nor would I require carrying the computer to their store. Plus, the price of antivirus support was inexpensive compared to the traditional one. So I decided to choose an online virus removal company.

Contacting the service vendor

Doing a bit of Google made it clear that not too many companies have a great reputation in place. Well, on the face of it, some companies did look good. But a deeper analysis clearly showed that some testimonials showing up on those sites were fake ones. So that started breaching the desired levels of acceptable trust. I would not go with such service providers. I looked for a few more minutes, and shortlisted three companies that seemed to be genuine. I contacted one of them – – making a random choice of the three, using their online contact system. I was glad that I did – I received response from them immediately. They appeared to have robust support.

Removing the virus and fixing the computer

I agreed to their clauses, and cleared my payment. Within fifteen minutes, they started working on my computer. They applied their online virus removal package. Just before starting, they asked for my permission and I was happy to allow them work with it. And surprisingly, in less than an hour, they fixed it.


That’s all – before midnight, my computer was up and running properly. I could save every file. My LAN connection and remote file read/write functions were working perfectly. The computer virus removal process was done – over fast and with success.